MPO/MTP Cabling Assemblies Needed for Fiber Optical Solutions

The need for ever-greater bandwidth in data centers keeps ongoing, and the multi-mode fiber cables have proven to be a practical optical solution. MTP/MPO cabling assemblies, as an excellent solution for quick and reliable multi-mode fiber connectivity, provide an effective way for 40GbE and 100GbE network solutions, ensuring a high-performance and high-speed network. In this article, introductory information about MPO/MTP cabling assemblies will be included.

MTP/MPO Fiber Cables

MTP/MPO fiber cables, as an important part of the MPO/MTP cabling system, are designed to go on reliable and quick operations for the multi-fiber connection system in data centers. Each MTP fiber cable contains 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels in a connector, thus requiring less space. Besides, MTP/MPO fibers are manufactured with outstanding optical and mechanical properties, which makes them able to offer more improved scalability. What’s more, it is easy to have cable management and maintenance on them. Generally speaking, MTP/MPO fiber cables can save a lot of money and space to some extent. The following figure is an overview of a MTP fiber cable.

MTP Fiber Cable

When it come to types, MTP/MPO fiber cables fall on MTP/MPO trunk cables and MTP/MPO harness cables. The former, available in 12-144 counts, is intended for high-density application. By using MTP/MPO trunk cables, the installation of a complete fiber optic backbone is accessible without any field termination. The latter, available in 8-144 counts, is used for breaking out the MTP into several connections. They provide connection to equipment or panels that are terminated with other standard connectors. As terminated with MTP/MPO connectors on one end and standard LC/FC/SC/ST/MTRJ connectors (generally MTP to LC) on the other end, these cable assemblies can meet a variety of fiber cabling requirements.

MTP/MPO Cassettes

MTP/MPO cassettes are utilized to interconnect MTP/MPO backbones with LC/SC/ST/FC patching, and reduce installation time and cost for optical networking environments. They are able to provide secure transition between MTP/MPO and LC/SC/ST/FC connector. The standard MTP/MPO cassettes can accommodate 12 and 24 port configurations.

MTP/MPO Connectors

In MTP/MPO fiber cables, just as their name show, the MTP/MPO fiber cables are terminated with MTP/MPO connectors on either one end or both ends of the fiber cables. The MTP/MPO connectors can provide quick and reliable connection for up to 12 fibers. MPO is the industry acronym for “multi-fiber push on”. MPO connectors are most commonly defined by two different documents. One is IEC-61754-7, the commonly sited standard for MPO connectors internationally. The other is EIA/TIA-604-5, also known as FOCIS 5, which is the most common standard sited for in the US. MTP connector, actually, is the enhanced version of the MPO connector. It is in complete compliance with all MPO connector standards including the EIA/TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and the IEC-61754-7. The image below just shows what a MTP connector is.

MTP Connector

These high-density MTP/MPO cabling assemblies play a significant part in cabling structure, suitable for many applications. Besides data centers, telecommunications, broadcast communication, and industrial control applications can also find the application of MTP/MPO fiber cables. Fiberstore provides both single-mode and multi-mode MPO and MTP fiber cable, as well as other MTP/MPO cable assemblies, including trunk cables, harness cables and cassettes. For more information about MPO/MTP fiber solutions, please visit Fiberstore.