FS 8 Port PoE Switch S1130-8T2F Connection

PoE, also known as Power over Ethernet, renders network cables to provide both data transmission and power supply for PoE-enabled devices, which knocks out a mass of power cords during the network development. PoE also offers more flexibility for networking and simplifies the installation of devices like IP camera and wireless access point. To build a network with PoE technology, PoE switch is an essential part of this process. Nowadays, an 8 port PoE switch is popular with many users. In this article we mainly introduce FS 8 port PoE switch S1130-8T2F and relevant connection with IP camera.

Overview of FS 8 Port PoE Switch S1130-8T2F

FS S1130-8T2F 8 port PoE+ managed switch comes with 8 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 Ethernet ports, 1 console port and 2 Gigabit SFP ports. It is compliant with IEEE 802.3af/at which can supply a maximum amount of power to 30 watts. With fanless design, this 8 port PoE switch features superior performance in silent operation and stability. Furthermore, FS S1130-8T2F 8 port PoE switch can supply power to support various PoE devices such as weather-proof IP cameras, Wireless APs and IP telephones.

FS 8 port PoE switch S1130-8T2F

How to Connect FS 8 Port PoE Switch with IP Camera?

Currently, it is common and popular to use 8 port PoE switch for IP security cameras to ensure the safety of people and places. Here are the detailed steps to connect FS S1130-8T2F 8 port PoE switch with IP camera:

Step1: Connect power cable to FS S1130-8T2F 8 port PoE switch and the other end of this power cable needs to be plugged into a power outlet or surge protector so as to power on the switch;

Step2: Connect IP camera to port 1-8 on the FS S1130-8T2F by using an Ethernet cable;

Step3: Connect router to the LAN port of FS S1130-8T2F 8 port PoE switch by using an Ethernet cable;

Step4: Plug NVR into the router to ensure local monitoring and remote view.

Why to Choose FS 8 Port PoE Switch S1130-8T2F?

In the first place, FS S1130-8T2F 8 port PoE switch is a fully managed L2/L3 PoE+ switch that supports both web management interface and CLI command which allow users to manage the switch down to the port level in an user-friendly way. Moreover, as a managed switch, it enables to have more control over the network as well as all traffic that moves through the device. In the next place, with the preponderance of quietness and energy efficiency, it is an eco-friendly solution for home, office network and server room. Then, it also becomes a professional solution for PoE based surveillance and WAP since it is durable and reliable in networking environment.


FS S1130-8T2F 8 port PoE switch provides a simple and cost-effective wiring solution to power IP cameras. For some IP camera security systems, using PoE switches can expand the system to the maximum number of cameras. The process to connect PoE switch with IP camera is also simple. In general, with regard to smaller network, 8 port PoE switch is very popular. For larger network or enterprise network, 24 port PoE switch or 48 port PoE switch will be more practical. FS provides managed PoE switches with 8 ports, 24 ports and 48 ports for different devices and applications. If you have any demand, FS is your proper choice.