Buy Compatible Optical Transceiver From FS.COM

In recent years, optical communication industry has presented the vigor and vitality, which let more and more people with lofty ideals to join us in the high-tech industry. Of course, there is a precursor that is the technology and experience.

Actually, as you know, the industry’s most successful people are senior technicians or has accumulated considerable experience in this industry pioneer, in other words no technology but very insight into the industry of wind and rain, in the industry have been fairly stable customers and relationships. So, latecomers to whole in this industry, was clearly at risk. But we can’t say there is no chance at all. Or trite words, everything is possible, just like FS.COM.

FS has taken a fancy to this industry, because under the fierce competition in the development of the vitality and potential infinite light space, and all the staff of the FS struggling hard but happy. Why is that?

As we all know, in the field of optical communication, Cisco with absolute advantage, H3C, such as Huawei, D-Link followed. These products are not bad and really have quality advantage. But they ignore the customer’s idea. A nice bargain with low price has always been all customers need most, even a customer to spend more money not to go out, he would still save the more as he could. Let’s analyze the words “nice” and “low price”. The “nice”, literally means something packaging beautiful, delicate, generous, beautiful, and the “low price” is cheap. Cisco, Huawei, H3C products are of good quality without doubt, packing also conforms to the product attributes, but when it comes to the prices, customers have to pay too much. For optical communication products, then, the high technology content of products such as SFP modules, what is best choice for the customers? We would say, of course we choose good quality and affordable prices.

Yes, good quality and affordable prices really benefit. As everybody knows, optical communication products is very strict with the quality, any product before to the customer’s hand is to after a rigorous testing, test the stability of the product, the parameters of the test product, test the product of the indicators, and so on. So said “quality” for this special product is not dominant, but a kind of recessive. Customer is difficult to distinguish up, especially customers and don’t understand technology.

Based on the above various reasons, FS has achieved ideal products, technology and service for the customers. Rooted in the existing pattern and the market, relying on professional technical strength, independent research and development, production and marketing a full range of compatible module. FS.COM optical transceiver modules’ positioning is: Quality, we can not lag behind the Cisco; Price, absolute advantage to meet customers’ demand; Services, clients’ interests first. Cisco’s global position, FS impossible to challenge in the short term, but it can stand on the shoulders of giants to see our own piece of the sunshine. Although our brand is not famous enough now, but, we have been paying attention to the brand and believe that we will have our own world famous brand.

SFP optical transceiver
SFP module

Perhaps many people will ask what Compatible Optical Transceiver are. And is the quality reliable? The actual situation of the FS company does an answer now:

  • Our compatible optical transceiver modules have strong compatibility and stable performance, fully compatible with Cisco, Huawei, H3C, D-Link, and many other well-known manufacturers’ equipment. For example, we provide Compatible SFP optical transceiver modules such as Cisco SFP, HP SFP, D-Link SFP.
  • All of our products’ components are imported from best producers.
  • We dare to promise 3-year, 5-year, even a lifetime warranty, and any quality problems during warranty, we on approval of new.
  • We use a low cost solution, which allows us offer far belowprices of the industry to service to the customers.
  • In the aspect of transport, a variety of combination of the mode of transportation (sea, air, international express such as UPS/DHL, FEDEX, etc.), and these methods make us to achieve the fastest possible global delivery.
optical transceiver test

Why can we do this? We have the top technical staff, so we can guarantee the quality of our optical transceiver; Have a specialized production base, so we can guarantee the price; Have excellent after-sale system and logistics partners, so we can guarantee the service and speed.