Structured Wiring Panel for Home Network

A structured wiring system is popular among users in telecommunications, computer networking and video. This post will focus on the introduction of structured wring panel for home network construction. By the way, other matching equipment involved such as structured wiring enclosure, structured wiring cabinet, etc. will also be introduced.

At the Beginning: Choose a Server Rack

Before the introduction of structured wiring panel, a server rack or a structured wiring cabinet is worth mentioning. For a small office or home office system, a wall-mounted 12-inch steel cabinet can be suitable. Such wiring cabinet offers a certain place to make all your structured wiring panels and cables installed in a tidy way.

structured wiring cabinet

Structured Wiring Panel for Home Network

Structured wiring panels are essential in network cabling. A structured wiring panel can be described as a patch bay containing multiple units of network jacks stacked together in row to connect and route network data. As for structured wiring panel, there are many choices due to different count of ports, cable types, etc.

1U Structured Wiring Panel

Normally, a 1U patch panel is a common used one in cabling system. And the structured wiring panel can be provided with 24 ports, 48 ports, and more choices. No matter how many ports they have, patch panels can be deployed in fiber and copper cabling system to organize and distribute cables. You can install either a fiber patch panel or an Ethernet patch panel according to your needs. Fiber patch panel is mainly used in fiber optic cable management, while copper patch panel is designed for both shielded and unshielded copper cables like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 patch cable.


FHD Structured Wiring Panel

FHD series products are self-developed by FS.COM. These products are focusing on easy-to-manage high density fiber cabling. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution for various cabling environments.

Option 1: Multimedia Modular Panel

A generally seen 6-port blank multimedia modular panel, which can be matched with a FHD structured wiring enclosure from FS, is getting more popular in home structured wiring. This type of structured wiring panel accepts up to six modules for standard keystone jacks and LC/SC or MTP adapters. These adapters allow installation for multimedia applications requiring integration of both fiber optic cables and copper cables. What’s more, this structured wiring panel can be used on 1U horizontal patch panel. It provides you with a more flexible cabling solution.

Option 2: FHD Fiber Adapter Panel

This type of FHD structured wiring panel has multiple uses in the following situations:

  • Can be used in 1U rack mount fiber patch panel
  • Can be used in FHD fixed 1U rack mount fiber enclosure
  • Can be used in FHD wall mount fiber enclosure

Option 3: 1U Blank Rack Mount FHD Modular Panel

This type of FHD structured wiring panel has multiple uses since it can hold up to 4 fiber adapter panels or 4 HD, MTP or MPO Cassettes. Just learn more from the video below:

Other Things You Can’t Miss

In addition to the structured wiring panel and structured wiring cabinet mentioned above, cable managers are necessary as well to keep your home network cables in an organized way. Therefore, it is better to put the two main types of cable manager, vertical cable management and horizontal cable management into use.



From all the above, several options of structured wiring panel (1U fiber/Ethernet structured wiring panel, multimedia panel, FHD fiber adapter panel) can be adopted in home network. Matching with equipment such as structured wiring enclosure or cabinet, these structured wiring panels can provide you with a more flexible solution on home network construction.