Recommendations for Cheap 48 Port 10Gb Switches

Sales of 10Gb switches have skyrocketed due to the lower total market cost of 10GbE networks. A 48-port 10Gb switch is considered the best option among the various 10G Ethernet switches because of its high scalability potential and adequate port density for a relatively large network. We will provide a reference for your 48 port 10Gb switch selection and offer a few inexpensive 48 port 10Gb switches in this article.

Types of 10Gb Switch

The ports and function types of 10G switches are also differentiated. Understand their differences and choose the right 48-port 10Gb switches for your network.
Port types: There are two main port types of 10G Ethernet switches, including copper ports and SFP ports. Copper ports on 10 Gb switch support Ethernet cables such as Cat6 for data transmission, but the distance is limited to 100 meters (330 feet). If you need to upgrade to a 10G fiber optic network, it would be better to buy a switch with 10G SFP ports. Because the optical ports of 10G switches can be inserted into SFP+ transceivers and optical cables, it is beneficial to reduce delay and power consumption.
PoE function: PoE transmits power over twisted-pair Ethernet cables to powered devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones. The 48-port 10G PoE switch can carry higher-speed network transmission, connect more devices, and meet the connection of intensive application scenarios.
Managed or unmanaged: Managed switches are ideal for businesses or organizations that require granular control over network traffic and provide a higher degree of control and configuration. An unmanaged switch is a simple plug-and-play device that requires no configuration, making it a good choice for small businesses or home networks that don’t require advanced features.
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Why Do I Need a 48 Port 10Gb Switch?

The reason for choosing a 10G switch can be viewed from two aspects. One is the features of the 10G switch itself, and the other is the advantages in business operation.
Features: 10Gb switches are available in various port configurations. As a 10G Layer 3 switch with 48x1G and 4x10G ports, the 48-port 10Gb switch is the most forward-looking one and is widely used in business-oriented networks. It implements the possibilities of reduced power consumption in cables and switch ports, and overall reduction in infrastructure costs.
Application advantages: As for an enterprise with a 10G network core, they can avoid network congestion at busy times, improve the productivity of employees and then shorten the response time to customers. The 10G fiber switch has been becoming the choice for latency sensitive applications with enhanced reliability and network performance.
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48 Port 10GbE Switch: Cisco vs HP vs

In this section, we will primarily compare three vendors’ cheap 48-port 10Gb switches in terms of switching capacity, power budget, and layer.
  • Switching Capacity
Power budget is an important aspect that everyone buying a switch should consider. Each of the 48 ports of the Cisco SG2010P 10GbE switch has its own overload and short circuit protection, as well as LED indicators that show the power status. With standard AC power, its ports can receive a total of 15.4W, or 360W of power. The HP 2530-48G 48-port switch draws between 29.5W and 59.5W, while the FS S5800-48F4S draws 75W at its maximum.
  • Switch Layer
Layer 2 or Layer 3 are common designations for Ethernet switches. Smart layer 3 switches can segment and control enterprise networks without sacrificing bandwidth, while dumb 10g layer 2 switches are a cost-effective and easy way to provide connectivity for smaller networks. Layers 2 and 3 are supported by FS S5800-48T4S and Cisco SG2010P, respectively. The HP 2530-48G only provides complete Layer 2 capabilities.
The detailed specifications for the three 48-port 10GbE network switches mentioned earlier can be found here. They are reasonable and less than $1,700 in price.

Deep Dive into FS 48 Port 10Gb Switch S5800-48T4S

As a layer 3 managed switch, the S5800-48T4S 10Gb switch adopts SFP+ uplink, which can be used as an access switch in the carrier data centers. Its high compatibility and network expansion can effectively solve the problems of business growth and traffic congestion. Also, it comes with comprehensive protocols and applications to promote rapid service deployment and management for traditional L2/L3/MPLS networks. On account of the advanced features of MLAG, SFLOW, SNMP etc., this switch is ideal for traditional or fully virtualized data centers.
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The 48-port 10Gb switch is ready to play a bigger role in data center applications. You can choose from the perspective of switching capacity, power budget, and number of switching layers. For reliable 48-port Gigabit switch and 10G suppliers, you can click for more product information.

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