Optical Fiber Transmission Applications Are Promising In Security Monitoring

As a variety of image status and data monitoring have more and more requirements, the transmission distance of video signal can not meet the demand anymore. Therefore, the gradual development of optical integrated video and control signals (WDM or DWDM technology) can transmit longer distance. In addition to the combination of images and control, the architecture of optical fiber monitoring transmission can be the spindle of the entire optical fiber transmission building. With a different way of provisioning, it will have different uses and functions.

Fiber optic communications’ application have a wide scope which can be broadly divided into Telecom, Datacom, CCTV, CATV optical fiber transmission network and FITL. In addition to the five above, fiber optic communications applications are also visible in national defense and military.

In the CCTV field, fiber optic communication is more of a backbone as part of the monitoring framework. It may combine a simple video and control signals into optical signals. There are also some converted digital video signals into light TCP/IP signals over TCP/IP network for the way of transmission and restore.

With the development of optical fiber communication technology, there are more and more ways of image transmission, the optical transceiver’s video signal transmission has a greater advantage than others, such as twisted pair, coaxial cable. As is well-known, optical fiber transmission mainly relys on optical transceiver converting the electrical signals into optical signals at one end of the optical fiber cable, and converting the optical signal back to an electrical signal corresponding at the other end. Optical transceiver provides a flexible transmission and networking to optical monitoring system, with its good signal quality and high stability.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of optical communication technology, which makes the cost of optical fiber transmission monitoring system greatly reduced, optical fiber and optical transceiver is becoming increasingly popular in monitoring system. Optical fiber has been widely used in homes and offices fiber access network, the field of intelligent home, office automation, industrial networking, automotive and military airborne communications network. For the high-definition video streaming that requires more transmission bandwidth and transmission distance, achiving high-definition monitoring is no longer a dream in the fiber optic era.