FiberStore SFP Plus Transceiver Modules Are On Sale Now

FiberStore has been suppling optical transceivers since years ago. The SFP plus transceiver modules are on sale recently and almost all the transceiver modules are much more cheaper then before.

SFP plus, or SFP+, is the upgraded version of the previous SFP module with higher data rate and new industrial standards. It is small compared to any of the currently shipping form factors and provides the best density per line card.

SFP+ offers customers both immediate benefits and long-term advantages in supporting evolving data center needs. The SFP+ specification was initially published on May 9, 2006, and version 4.1 was published on July 6, 2009. It’s a international industry format supported by many network component vendors.

SFP+ is an innovative, next-generation transceiver module. Initially, it’s targeted to support speeds of 10 Gbps for next-generation Gigabit Ethernet applications (10G SFP) and eight.5Gbps Fiber Channel systems. What is more, SFP+ is by using lower power consumption for under 1W which is even economical. These transceivers are with managed digital optical monitoring and superior high temperature performance.

Several industrial acknowledged standards for SFP+ has been released for 10Gpbs networks, including 10Gbase-SR, which define the SFP+ transceiver working with OM3 10G multimode fiber at 30 to 300 meters range, 10Gbase-LR which define the SFP+ transceiver dealing with single mode fiber at 10km range, 10Gbase-LRM which define the FDDI multimode fiber at around 220 meters range. These 3 versions of SFP+ are generally called SFP-10G-SR, SFP-10G-LR and SFP-10G-LRM for brief in Cisco SFP+ series. Click to buy Cisco SFP-10G-SR from FiberStore.

In comparison to earlier XENPAK or XFP modules, SFP+ module is by using more compact size compared with the former 10G transceivers such as X2 and XENPAK, leaving more circuitry to become implemented around the host board rather than inside the module. SFP+ manily has three advantages. First, it has a more compact form factor package than X2 and XFP. Second, it can connect with exactly the same data rate of XFP, X2 And XENPAK directly. Third, the cost of SFP+ is lower than XFP, X2 And XENPAK.

SFP+ transceiver is interchangeable with SFP transceiver and can be used in exactly the same cages as SFP transceiver. For 10G applications, SFP+ transceiver includes a smaller footprint minimizing power consumption than XFP transceiver. The electrical interface towards the host board for SFP transceiver and SFP+ transceiver is the same serial.

Many companies, such as Cisco, Finisar, and Sumitomo, have released SFP+ transceivers. SFP+ ensures the 10Gbps data transmission and the most densely installation capability as well as the lowest cost. Currently it is well known as the best option for the 10Gbps fiber optic transceivers. Included in this, Cisco SFP+ transceiver may be the mainstream market. Cisco 10Gbase SFP transceivers are used for high speed 10Gigabit Ethernet, linking the gear to fiber optic networks. Cisco SFP+ products include active SFP+ cables and SFP+ transceivers. There is also copper transceiver offered by Cisco.

Tips: the Cisco SFP transceivers mentioned in this article are Cisco compatible SFP plus transceivers which are manufactured by FiberStore.