Recommendations for Cheap 48 Port 10Gb Switches

With the decrease of total expenses in 10GbE network market, there is a dramatic growth in sales volume of 10Gb switch. In the midst of various 10G Ethernet switches, a 48 port 10Gb switch is regarded as an optimal solution which offers proper port density and great scalability potential for a relatively larger network. In this article, we are going to recommend several cheap 48 port 10Gb switches and provide a reference for your selection of 48 port 10GbE switch.

Why Do I Need a 48 Port 10Gb Switch?

As for an enterprise with a 10G network core, they can avoid network congestion at busy times, improve the productivity of employee and then shorten the response time to customers. 10G fiber switch has been becoming the choice for latency sensitive application with enhanced reliability and network performance. 10Gb switch comes into a variety of port configurations, 48 port 10Gb switch of which is the most future-proofing one with abundant applications in business oriented network. It implements the possibilities of reduced power consumption in cables and switch ports, and overall reduction in infrastructure costs.

48 Port 10GbE Switch: Cisco vs HP vs FS.COM

In this part, we will mainly give a comparison on cheap 48 port 10Gb switches among three vendors in the aspects of switching capacity, power budget and switching layer.

  • Switching Capacity

Switching capacity is a measurement of bandwidth and packets per second forwarding capacity for a switch. The switching capacity of SG2010P Cisco 48 port 10Gb switch is 96 Gbps non-blocking, 2530-48G HP 48 port 10Gb switch is 104 Gbps, and FS.COM S5800-48F4S is 176 Gbps. For FS.COM 48 port 10Gb switch, its non-blocking bandwidth is 88 Gbps.

  • Power Budget

Power budget is an vital element that should be considered for every switch buyer. For Cisco SG2010P 48 port 10GbE switch, each port has independent overload and short circuit protection, along with LED indicators to show power status. Maximum power of 15.4W to an Ethernet port – 360W, total available to all ports with regular AC power. The power consumption range of HP 2530-48G 48 port switch is between 29.5W and 59.5W. The maximum power draw of FS.COM S5800-48F4S is 75W.

  • Switch Layer

Ethernet switch is often described as Layer 2 or Layer 3. Dumb Layer 2 switches are a cheap and easy way of providing connectivity to small networks, while intelligent Layer 3 switches enable corporate networks to be segmented and controlled with no loss of bandwidth. Both Cisco SG2010P and FS.COM S5800-48F4S support layer 2 and layer 3. HP 2530-48G delivers only full Layer 2 capabilities.

Here are the detailed specifications of the above mentioned three 48 port 10GbE network switches. They are lower than $1700 with moderate prices.

48 Port 10GbE switch Cisco vs HP vs FS.COM

Deep Dive into FS.COM 48 Port 10Gb Switch S5800-48F4S

The S5800-48F4S 48 port 10Gb switch with SFP+ uplinks is a high-compatibility and network-scaling applications of data center as a carrier access switch. It comes with comprehensive protocols and applications to promote the rapid service deployment and management for traditional L2/L3/MPLS networks. On account of the advanced features with MLAG, SFLOW, SNMP and etc., this switch is ideal for traditional or fully virtualized data center.

FS.COM 48 Port 10Gb switch S5800-48F4S


48 port 10Gb switch is well prepared for an expanding role in data center applications. This article recommends some cheap 48 port 10Gb switches for users. You can make a choice according to the angles of switching capacity, power budget and switching layer. For reliable 48 port Gigabit switch with 10G vendor, FS.COM is a wise choice.

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