What Is a PoE Switch Used for?

The large amount of devices used by industrial applications such as transportation, public facility and manufacturing automation will give rise to the cables in a condition of disorder. With industrial devices becoming more power-hungry, the PoE technology wins a good reputation among users with the capability to provide higher power and reduce the number of cables required. In this article we will discuss what is PoE switch and what is a PoE switch used for.

What Is PoE Switch?

PoE switch is a network switch which applies Power over Ethernet technology. When connected with multiple network devices, PoE switch can support power and data transmission over one Ethernet cable at the same time which dramatically simplify the cabling process and cut network cost. PoE switch can be classified into many types, such as 8/12/24/48 port PoE switch, or unmanaged and managed PoE switch.

PoE Switch

PoE Switch Applications

PoE switch is mainly used with IP cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points (WAP).

  • IP camera

A PoE switch offers power supply and data connection to PoE-enabled IP camera system via network cables like Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. Nowadays, whatever the industry or location, it is common and even necessary to use PoE managed switch for IP security camera to ensure the safety of people and business.

  • VoIP Phone

VoIP phone is the most common and original PoE application with a single connection to a wall socket. It can be remotely powered down. With PoE, only data network cable is required. PoE has promoted business communication and reduced deployment costs of VoIP.

  • Wireless

Wireless network is greatly enhanced by the usage of PoE. PoE technology revolutionizes the wireless network by providing data and electricity over the same Ethernet cable. When you use PoE managed switch, installation of controllers and access points is greatly simplified. It is considered to be the most widespread way to build enterprise wireless network.

Why Use PoE Switch?

Functionally, PoE brings many advantages to an installation, including:

Flexibility: PoE switch supplies power via an Ethernet cable and eliminates the demand for additional electrical wiring. Therefore, equipment can be installed based on where it needs to go. The combination of PoE and wireless technology allows for a practically cable-free environment.

Reliability: PoE power comes from a central and generally compatible source rather than a collection of distributed wall adapters. It can be back-up by an uninterruptible power supply.

Cost-efficient: There is no need for users to purchase and install additional electrical wires and outlets, which create significant savings on installation and maintenance costs.


PoE technology is less time-consuming and more economical for cable installation by carrying electrical power over network cable. It transmits both data and power supply simultaneously to network devices, such as IP camera, VoIP phones and Wireless AP. PoE switch has become a better choice in the long run if you anticipate advanced network features to meet business growth. Since stackable switch is the workhorse of the enterprise campus network, fiberstore provides not only PoE switch but also Gigabit stackable switch – 24 port switch to meet your different demand.