SHS Communication Paid 380 Million To Expand Investment In China

Switzerland HUBER + SUHNER, the world’s largest electrical and optical connectivity solutions provider, looks the Chinese market well. On May 30, it announced the new plant in Changzhou was officially finished, inaugurated for the Chinese low-frequency, high-frequency and fiber connector device market, can realize localized supply. The number of employees of the factory is just behind Switzerland headquarter.

It is understood that, the total investment in the new factory is 380 million yuan, covers an area of 51,000 square meters, production area of 30,000 square meters. At present, the main products are copper cables, optical cable systems and solar junction box. According to reports, Changzhou factory is the first cable connector factory HUBER + SUHNER established outside Switzerland, but also is ever biggest single investment of HUBER + SUHNER.

HUBER + SUHNER Chief Executive Urs Kaufmann told reporters, HUBER + SUHNER established high-frequency plant in China in 1999, has been in China for 14 years. Early into China, Ericsson, Alcatel and other important customer enterprise services providers in China, HUBER + SUHNER providing products and solutions to their business in China. With the continuous development of the company, began to consider using Chinese relatively low labor costs to produce some labor-intensive products, not only to provide products for customers in China, but also exported to all over the world. Now, HUBER + SUHNER business in China enter into the third stage, which is close to the customer and customer’s R & D center, providing them products, at the same time providing technical support, including research, development and engineering support, these services not only for local businesses, also including Multi-National Corporations.

Radio, fiber optic and low frequency these three types of transmission technology, is the currently necessary human transmission of data, signals and power, aiming to the three big markets of communication, transportation and industrial markets.

Urs Kaufmann said HUBER + SUHNER invests about 3000-5000 million Swiss francs in worldwide every year, while the single investment in Changzhou reached 60 million Swiss francs, equivalent to 380 million yuan. The project is HUBER + SUHNER ‘s largest single investment in history. He said: “This is one of the largest investment, but it will not be the last one.”

As the communication industry’s long-term partners, for Huawei had been questioned in the United States, Urs Kaufmann said: ” HUBER + SUHNER always believes free trade, we should have a fair competition; Huawei also has a lot of businesses in Switzerland, providing a lot of communication equipments, in this regard, there is no obstacle. “