Recommendation of Excellent New Products: Portable Tactical Optical Cable Assembly

Feb. 9th, Shenzhen, Fiberstore News — Fiberstore is highly introducing a new product Portable Tactical Optical Cable Assembly which provides a perfect fiber optic interconnect solution for rugged or harsh environment.

Fiberstore’s Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assembly is made of a ruggedized tactical fiber optic cable and supplied on a high quality portable reel that is particularly designed for the quick and iterative distributing & retrieving under the circumstances of military field and harsh environment. It includes a set length of cable, rapid splicing military connector and a special design reel for fast distributing and retrieving.

Cable — The cable provides exceptional protection for abrasion, features bendable, oil-resistant, flame-retardant with high tensile and crash resistance and wide operating temperature, while in lightweight for easy deployment.
Rapid Splicing Military Connector — It adopts neutral connection technology without using adaptor and the orientation pin design ensures fast blind connection, and the precision ferrule makes the interchangeable and repeatable connection for better performance. Additionally, the exterior of the receptacle is made of highly-intensified all dielectric compound material, which is light and intensified, and could be effective in preventing electromagnetism reaction and safeguarding facility. Receptacles are equipped tith dust-proof cap, which can keep the surface of fiber away from vapor and impurity in the either under working condition or not.
Special Design Reel — The special design reel with automatic cable arranger are on a high quality and portable which is better for fast, easy distribution and retrieving.

FiberStore Fiberstore portable-tactical-optical-cable-assembly.jpg



  • Full range of connectors using expanded beam, physical contact and third party termini and connectors.
  • Multimode or singlemode cable.1 to 16 optical channels.Fiber optic/copper hybrid assemblies.
  • Custom lengths. eg. 200m, 300m, 500m, 1000m.
  • High quality military tactical cable.Wide range of deplorable cable reels.


  • It could be used in field communication and CATV.
  • It’s suitable for single-solder quick distributing and retrieving.
  • It can support LAN cabling.Emergency repair.

Order Information

Product Image Part No. Description
 Fiberstore's Portable Tactical Optical Cable Assembly 200M-PTOA-FS 200m Portable Tactical Optical Cable Assembly
300M-PTOA-FS 300m Portable Tactical Optical Cable Assembly
500M-PTOA-FS 500m Portable Tactical Optical Cable Assembly
1000M-PTOA-FS 1000m Portable Tactical Optical Cable Assembly
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About Fiberstore:
Fiberstore is a professional manufacturer and supplier of optical networking solutions. There are nine product lines of Fiberstore which make your networking solution worked perfectly. Fiberstore’s Tactical Pre-terminated Cable Solution provides a complete fiber optic interconnect solution for rugged or harsh environment. The aim of Fiberstore is offering the best quality products and perfect solutions, saving customers’ s time and money, and making customers enjoy personalization.