OEO Converter in Fiber Optic Broadband Access Networks

OEO (Optical-to-Electrical-to-Optical) PON Repeater Reach Extension

Converting the optical signals back into the electrical domain for regeneration avoids many of the cost and technology issues of all optical reach extension. The primary drawback, is the lack of upgrade flexibility since the repeater must be implemented to operate at the bit rates of the PON. OEO repeaters also do not help with the analog video overlay signals, which would better suited for optical domain amplification. Basic OEO repeater-based reach extension is illustrated in the Figure, the added complexity is primarily the need for a burst mode receiver similar to that at the OLT. It needs to be able to recover the clock and data for each ONU upstream burst, including adapting to the different signal levels that can exist for each due to their different distances from the repeater. A mechanism is required to report these signal levels to the OLT, so that the OLT can set the ONU transmit signal levels such that they are roughly the same when they arrive at the repeater. This received signal level reporting could be handled through the EONT function. When it works, they also need some other equipment, such as some hot sale products in Fiberstore, Blackbox patch Panel, fiber patch cables, Leviton 24 port patch panel…they are quite popular in the telecommunication life.

OEO converter

Since some of the upstream burst preamble burst preamable maybe effectively lost as the repeater attempts to achieve clock and data recovery for the burst, it may be necessary to use a longer preamble with repeater-type reach extension so that an adequate preamble remains when the signal arrives at the OLT.

The upstream repeater may also insert some bit pattern between the burst rather than transmitting nothing. This pattern is typically under the control of the OLT, and it is chosen to contain a balance of 0s and 1s and not resemble the preamble that begins a burst. The OLT can determine the arrival of a burst buy looking for the preamble. Also, since the OLT schedules the upstream transmission explicitly, it knows when the burst is supposed to arrive.

The use of OTN could be particularly advantageous for carries who plan to use PON to reduce the number of COs. The OLTs can be pulled further into the network to a smaller number of COs, with their metro OTN networks carrying the PON signals to a repeater location closer to subscriber. In addition to allowing use of their metro networks, this approach has two distinct advantages. The first is the OTN provides a TDM mechanism for combining multiple PON signals onto a single wavelength. For example, four G-PON signals can be multiplexed onto a single 10 Gbit/s OTN link (ODU2). The second is that OTN is well suited for the future increasing use of WDM in PON networks since it was designed for efficient management of WDM networks.

OEO optical converters from Fiberstore:

Optical Electrical Converter is suitable for the transmission systems with data rate between 10Mbps to 2.5Gbps and generally taken as the repeater, wavelength converter, media (fiber) converter, etc…


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Protocol transparent


  • Fiber communication systems
  • Wavelength conversion
  • Media (fiber type) conversion
  • Field maintaining

Ordering Information:

  • Channel numbers: 1, 2 channel, customer request
  • Date Rate: 155Mb/s, 622Mb/s, 1.25Gb/s, 2.5Gb/s
  • Distance: 0.5km, 2km, 15km, 40km, 80km
  • Input fiber type: Single mode, multi-mode
  • Input wavelength: 760~870nm, 1100~1610nm
  • Output wavelength: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm
  • Supply power type: 220V AC, -48V DC, 110V AC
  • Fiber connector type: SC/PC, FC/PC, FC/APC, SC/APC, LC/PC, MU/PC

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