Fiberstore’s Special Recommendation: Zipcord Fiber Patch Cable

Jan. 27th, Shenzhen, Fiberstore News – This week, Fiberstore highly recommends the Zipcord Fiber Patch Cables. Though this kind of patch cables has not been launched on line yet, it has already accepted orders for any requirements.

About products with “zipcord structure”, Fiberstore has already developed and provided its featured duplex zipcord fiber optic cables which are available in singlemode and multimode types a long time ago. Untill now, the zipcord cables in category “Bulk Fiber Cables” are still popular with the users and widely used in indoor applications.

FiberStore fiber-optic-patch-cords.jpgAs one of the applications of zipcord fiber optic cables, zipcord fiber optic cables are usually used as fiber patch cables or pigtails. As we know, fiber patch cable is composed of a fiber optic cable terminated with different connectors on the ends. In other words, zipcord fiber patch cable is composed of a zipcord fiber optic cable terminated with different connectors on its ends. Zipcord fiber optic cable is a type of duplex fiber optic cable. Its structure is in a zipcord (side-by-side) style, just like two simplex cables jointed together side by side. There is a feature of zipcord fiber optic cables that you can split the it apart by hands and it will become two simplex fiber optic cables. It is usually used for general indoor applications where consistency and uniformity are essential.

To be similar with other fiber patch cables, zipcord fiber patch cables can also be design in single mode or multimode and with various kinds of connectors (same connector type or hybrid connectors type), such as ST-ST, SC-SC, LC-LC, FC-FC etc. or LC-SC, FC-ST etc. However, we should be aware of that a complete zipcord fiber patch cable is duplex.

Fiberstore is specialized in fiber optic cable. Our advanced polishing process and measuring equipment allows us to manufacture the highest quality patch cords needed for today’s stringent optical networks and systems. We offer a cost-effective selection of zipcord fiber patch cables in different lengths, fiber diameter, terminated connectors or configures with Riser (OFNR), Plenum (OFNP) or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable designs. We highly recommend our zipcord fiber patch cables based on our high quality zipcord fiber optic cables and high quality fiber optic patch cable technologies. However, at present, a separate directory of zipcord fiber patch cables has still not been launched on line. If you have any questions or inquiry about this product, please contact us directly. We already accept the orders now. You can send E-mail to or use our live chat in the upper-right or bottom-right corner of our official website.

We always strives to provide the most current products for our customers. More products related to optical communication field will be launched soon in the next days. Please do look forward to!

About Fiberstore:
Fiberstore is a professional manufacturer and supplier of optical networking solutions. There are nine product lines of Fiberstore which make your networking solution worked perfectly. As fiber patch cable is an important component in data transmission, Fiberstore offers many kinds of products to satisfy all the aspects of the requirements during the solution. All of our fiber patch cable products are high quality and cost-effective. The aim of Fiberstore is offering the best quality products and perfect solutions, saving customers’ s time and money, and making customers enjoy personalization.

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